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Know your liver!

Do you know how important the role of our liver is?
1.The role of the liver
-The carbohydrates and proteins are important tasks in the metabolic process.
-Provides enzymes to our body.
-Removal of toxins and harmful chemical composition, so that after the Metro Metabolism.

2.What does healthy liver looks like?
-Normal liver slightly brown-red, strong and a small number of fat. However, in the accumulation of excessive fat and alcohol, the liver will become large, weak greasy and yellow.

3.What factors can damage the liver?
-drug abuse.
-Excessive secretion of hormones (the body in order to adapt to the busy life of modern secreted adrenaline)
-Excessive intake of alcohol and high-fat foods.
-By the air, water and food in the chemicals.

4.How to protect your liver?
-After 40 years of Australian scientists confirmed that Milk Thistle has the effect of medical treatment. In 1968, the active ingredient of milk thistle biology was isolated, known as (Silymarin), which acts as a free radical scavenger and has greater antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E. 
-Milk thistle can stimulate the growth of liver cells, but also can change the outer layer of the liver cell membrane to prevent harmful substances and toxins into cells.

5.Milk thistle can improve the following 
-Wake up in the morning bad breath, often feel tired, weak & exhasted wholeday.
-Dark circles, the phenomenon of frequent fever, over eating greasy food produce nausea symptoms, poor appetite, easy to emotional, skin problems such as acne, skin spots

6.Character Of Milk Thistle.
-Milk Thistle are playing role of protecting the liver.It can prevant hepatitis, alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, drugs, anesthetics, fungi, food poisoning and the working environment that poisoning the liver.





-长达40年澳洲科学家研究证实奶蓟具有医疗的功效。1968年奶蓟生物学上的活性成分被离析出来,称为奶蓟素(silymarin). 奶蓟素担当者“自由基清道夫”的角色,它还有比维他命c和e更大的抗氧功效。