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Why your kids should take BioPlus Junior Gummy?

Bio+ Junior Gummy range are delicious gummy with no artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Parents nowadays are concerned with the use of artificial colours, hence our gummy are naturally sweetened and coloured. They also come in a variety of natural flavours.

In Malaysia, studies have shown that more than 70% of children of 12 years of age suffered from dental decay.¹ Bio+ Junior gummy emphasize on great taste but with minimum sugar, therefore our gummy are non-sugar coated.

Gummy are generally made from Gelatin, which is produced from left over skin, cartilage and bones from animals. Gummy made from Gelatin are potentially harmful and unhygienic manufacturing process. Bio+ Junior Gummy are Gelatin-free, they are made from Pectin which is extracted from plants and fruits.

Our gummy are essential in a children’s growth, helping to build a healthy body and mind!

TOOTH DECAY: Your Most Common Enemy; Malaysian Dental Association, Prof. Dr. Ishak Abdul Razak


在马来西亚有研究显示70% 的12岁小孩子都严重面临蛀牙的问题。虽然Bio+软糖含很甜但是含有很低的糖份而已,而且我们软糖是无糖衣。



(蛀牙是马来西亚最常见的问题)这是来自牙医学会的 Dr. Ishak Abdul Razak教授亲口所诉的。