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A New Chapter: Moving Into New Office

Today, our dream come true!

22nd June 2017 - BP Synergy Pharm has officially moved into our spanking new office, a dream we shared since 7 years ago.

In 2010, we started off in our humble terrace house, using a small room as our store, office, packing and everything else. It was so messy but we enjoyed it. With the help from our beloved parents (our only "employees"), we persevered although the road ahead was not easy. We drove across Malaysia, knocking on doors promoting our portfolio of limited SKUs. A special thanks to Mr Ung, for supplying us "Phoenix" products to distribute to pharmacies.

After a few years, we then moved to Eric's house. Having a slightly bigger office room but more organized. Again our parents worked for us tirelessly. As business was growing, we decided it is time to operate in a proper office and warehouse. We rented a nearby shop, our first ever real office. Of course, our parents followed us to anywhere. As time passed by, we even extended our office space to accommodate more employees.

But we never forget our dream, to have our own office building. We were constantly searching for a suitable place but to no avail. Again, parents played a key role. In December 2016, our beloved father found us a "gem". A shop unit not far from our current one, nice location and very spacious. We were very eager to get it ready to be fully operational. Sadly, our father passed away two months ago. This is a dream we shared together, but he left us early. Today, our new office is beautiful and ready. We dedicate it to our father, Mr Tan Huan Hooi. There are no words to describe how much we appreciate all your efforts and love.

From here, BP Synergy Pharm will continue producing high quality health supplements to the consumers. As per our slogan; Your health, our happiness.

We would like to thank everyone for the much needed support!

In memory of our hero, our father. 1949-2017