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Liquid Chlorophyll - Constipation


Special thanks to our loyal customer, Cik Puteh Bt Abdullah from Alor Setar who willingly give us her details and share her experience after consuming our BioPlus Alfalfa Liquid Chlorophyll. Cik...

Seabuckthorn - Wound Healing


Diabetic wound is a common and dangerous complication of diabetes. A severe wound can take years to heal. Here is another great testimonial from a customer who had a serious diabetic wound. After...

Scaneo TS46 Thermometer


Beautiful mummy Jorene and cute baby Gregory with our Scaneo TS46 Ear/Forehead Thermometer. Baby Greg loves it so much, basically he is "eating" it! But definitely we do not take...

Liquid Chlorophyll - Constipation 2


Thanks to our valued customer, Siti Rogayah Che Daud from Kuala Lumpur who is willing to share with us her real life testimonial after consuming BioPlus Alfalfa Liquid Chlorophyll for almost 2...

Seabuckthorn - Eczema


This patient has been suffering from Eczema for years. Recently, he experienced a severe flare up making the skins around his neck, body and arms very dry and itchy. Scratching will cause the skin...

Seabuckthorn - Acne & Eczema


Various skin issues are very common nowadays, affecting people of all ages. We really appreciate Cik Noorsuzeeyana for willingly share her amazing success story using our Bio+ Organic...

Seabuckthorn Soap - Itchy Skin


Thanks to Emily Koh for willingly sharing her real life testimonial after using BioPlus Natural Seabuckthorn soap with High organic source Omega 7.  Hope this products will benefit more to...

KidzFibre - Constipation


Theresa was having difficulty in finding solution for her kid's constipation problem, until she found Bio+ Junior KidzFibre Gummy at a nearby pharmacy. Here she shared her story: " It...

Seabuckthorn Soap - Reduces acne and inflammation


Ina suffers from serious acne for years, thus she decided to give Bio+ Sebuckthorn Soap a try. After using it (face washing) for merely a week, the result is unbelievable. It successfully reduced...