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Bio+ Liquid Chlorophyll - Constipation

Special thanks to our loyal customer, Cik Puteh Bt Abdullah from Alor Setar who willingly give us her details and share her experience after consuming our BioPlus Alfalfa Liquid Chlorophyll. Cik Puteh was suffering from constipation for quite some time and none of the any conventional treatment has relieves her problem. She had been trying fibre and psyllium husk for a few months but showed no sign of improvement. Then one fine day, with the recommendation from a close friend she started consuming BioPlus Alfalfa Liquid Chlorophyll 1 cup every day for a month. Thankfully, the constipation issue has significantly improved and she felt very satisfied with the product. Surprisingly, after consuming for 2 months, her glucose level also went down! This is something out of our expectation. We feel really great that our product is able bring tremendous health benefit to customers and solve their problem. 

As our slogan says.....  "Your health, our happiness"

BioPlus叶绿素现实生活的见证。感谢我们来自亚罗士打的Cik Puteh Bt Abdullah愿意给我们分享她饮用BioPlus过后的经验。 Cik Puteh已经有便秘问题一段时间,也没有任何的方法治疗或缓解她的问题。她一直在尝试纤维和车前草来解决这个问题,但是已经几个月后也不能解决她的问题。由于运气与朋友的推荐下,她就开始饮用BioPlus的叶绿素。每天饮用1杯,连续1个月之后便秘问题已显着改善。她对我们的产品感到非常满意。令人惊讶的是再饮用2个月后,她的葡萄糖水平也在下降了。