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Bio+ Liquid Chlorophyll - Constipation 2

Thanks to our valued customer, Siti Rogayah Che Daud from Kuala Lumpur who is willing to share with us her real life testimonial after consuming BioPlus Alfalfa Liquid Chlorophyll for almost 2 weeks. She has been suffering from constipation for many years and situation never improved after taking many conventional herbal treatments. However after drinking our BioPlus Alfalfa Liquid Chlorophyll continuously for 2 weeks, her constipation problem has improved tremendously.

She is very happy now and always recommend BioPlus Alfalfa Liquid Chlorophyll to her family and friends. 

很感谢我们来自吉隆坡的Siti Rogayah Che Daud分享她饮用了我们BioPlus叶绿素两个星期后所带来的好处。她长期的受到便秘的痛苦,无论她尝试了多种的传统药方还是解决不了便秘的问题。但是在朋友介绍之下,她开始饮用了BioPlus叶绿素两个星期之后,她的便秘情况大有改善。现在的她非常的高兴而且也把BioPlus的叶绿素介绍了给她的朋友。