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Why your kids should take BioPlus Junior Gummy?


Bio+ Junior Gummy range are delicious gummy with no artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Parents nowadays are concerned with the use of artificial colours, hence our gummy are naturally sweetened and coloured. They also come in a variety of natural flavours. In Malaysia, studies have...

The Power of Lutein


Essential of LUTEIN: Lutein is one of many reasons to encourage your children must consume.It’s not an essential nutrient, but New York University Langone Medical Center states it’s valuable in maintaining optimal health. Its antioxidant properties protect your child’s eyes from damage and...

Know your liver!


Do you know how important the role of our liver is? 1.The role of the liver -The carbohydrates and proteins are important tasks in the metabolic process. -Provides enzymes to our body. -Removal of toxins and harmful chemical composition, so that after the Metro Metabolism. 2.What does healthy...