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Creating a healthy lifestyle

It’s a common myth that getting fit is only about eating healthy and exercise. In reality, creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it isn’t about just those two factors—it’s also about having a positive attitude, to think positively and live proactively.

Stop the spread of disease

Getting sick is a regular part of life. To stop people who are sick from spreading their germs to other people, we need to practice hand washing. Studies show that hand washing is effective at stopping the spread of germs, and that it can reduce the risk of respiratory infections by 16%.

Finding effective ways to manage stress

Stress harms the body and the mind in very real ways. Meditate for at least 10-20 minutes each day. It will helps you manage stress, cope with the demands of daily life and even lower your blood pressure.

Eating a sustainable diet

Eliminate sugars, caffeine and flour-based products like rice and bread. Introduce high-quality fats like olive oil and avocados. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits. Get a good protein like eggs and nuts. Make permanent changes in your diet through small steps, you will see a perfect you.


The importance of staying healthy

Taking care of your well-being and to educate you with the right information and the right healthcare products.

BP Synergy Pharm Sdn Bhd is a young vibrant company based in Penang, Malaysia. We are a company built on dreams and passions, founded by Mr Eric Tan. We are a supplier in medical and health industry, actively distributing products to pharmacies in Peninsular Malaysia and also Sabah & Sarawak. Our strong in-house brand, BioPlus focuses on health supplements and personal care products. Our logo resembles a leaf, inspired by the importance of “Green” products. Therefore, we emphasize on using natural ingredients in our products. BioPlus strives to be a household brand locally and internationally, achieving it with our slogan:

“Healthy Growth, Smart Aging”

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