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Bio+ Junior KidzPrebiotic Gummy - Constipation

Theresa was having difficulty in finding solution for her kid's constipation problem, until she found Bio+ Junior KidzFibre Gummy at a nearby pharmacy. Here she shared her story:

"It started with my 5-year old having constipation problem and bloody stool. We went to the specialist and he recommended a liquid to soften the stool. We took it upon ourselves to go to the pharmacy for alternatives. So we chanced upon this Bio+ KidzFibre on the shelf and decided to give it a try. We tried getting him to eat bananas and fruits but it was like a war everyday to get him to eat them, whereas with the fibre gummy, he is the one asking for it everyday. So, we took the easier way."

Her 5 year old's constipation has improved a lot and this shows that Inulin which is the source of fibre used, is very helpful towards digestion. Also, in gummy form kids would definitely love it and it provides convenience as well. 

Thanks again Theresa!