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Scaneo TS46 Thermometer

Beautiful mummy Jorene and cute baby Gregory with our Scaneo TS46 Ear/Forehead Thermometer. Baby Greg loves it so much, basically he is "eating" it! But definitely we do not take measurement through mouth.:) Thanks for your support!

A thermometer is an essential item so that parents can conveniently monitor the children body temperature all the time. Please visit selected Pharmacies/Baby Shops to learn more. Do not hesitate to contact us for further info.

美丽的妈妈Jorene和可爱的宝宝Gregory与我们的Scaneo TS46耳朵/前额温度计。看看宝贝Gregory是这么多想"吃"掉它!但是我们的温度计不是通过嘴巴测试的哟:)很感谢您的支持!